Marie Navarro

adventure, magic, and romance

Fantasy Romance

The Elves of El'Faelin Series
El'Faelin elves are handsome, honorable, and just a little naughty. Inevitably, trouble and romance happens whenever they decide to visit the human world.

Julianne's Wish

When Forest realizes that his unexplained attraction to Julianne is proof that they are soulmates, he is dismayed. He is elf and she is human, and he doesn't need that kind of complicated relationship. Besides, Julianne has made it clear that she is not romantically interested in him.

Ten years ago, a young and heartbroken Julianne made a wish on a falling star. Now, if she can't find a way to reverse the granted wish, it could cost her best friend, Forest, his life.   release date TBD

Morgan's Mistake

When Morgan was a nine year old child, she accidentally and unknowingly, made her elf friend, Blackberry, her slave.

Years later, a grown Morgan meets Blackberry again and is delighted to reunite with her old friend.

But Blackberry believes Morgan betrayed him.

Morgan learns that she must pay a very high price if she is going to free the elf and regain his friendship.

release date TBD 

Chloe's Promise

After a homeless stranger saves her life, Chloe pays him back by getting him off the streets.

Discovering that Garrett isn't homeless, but lost, Chloe makes a promise to help Garrett find his friends and his way home

As she finds herself falling in love with him, she realizes that she cannot be with him. Chloe also finds how hard it can be to keep her promise.

Release date TBD 

Samantha's Magic

Samantha's latest treasure, an antique floor mirror purchased at an estate auction, came with a surprise inside.

Over 200 years ago, Connor angered a powerful woman when he rejected her immoral advances. In retaliation, she had a witch imprison him in the mirror.

A witch herself, Samantha discovers how to free Connor, but not before falling in love with him. She also learns that in setting him free, she could lose him forever.   

release date TBD